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OTC Self-Fitting Hearing Aids and Remote-Fitting

Bring comfort and cure to your ears and give you control over how your life sounds by fingertips

We're An Authorized Supplier for WHO, and approved by major organizations
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Product List
Smart Fitting by Users

  • AcoSound BTE

    AcoSound behind-the-ear

    120db super power, intelligent noise reduction
  • AcoSound ITC hearing aids

    AcoSound in-the-ear

    Invisible and smart noise suppression
  • AcoSound open fit hearing aids

    AcoSound open-fit

    Open earplugs, comfortable wearing

Feature List
Smart Fitting by Users

Mobile APP works with Acosound hearing aids to provide clinically proven audiologist-quality customization
Mobile App Fitting

Feature 1
Mobile APP Hearing Test

Without going to store, Acosound Hearing Aids allow you to test and fit your hearing with just fingertips. It’s a quick and effortless way to instantly adjust your hearing aids, so nothing gets in the way of engaging in the moment.
AcoSound intelligent fitting

Feature 2
Intelligent Fitting

Via connection, our mobile app adjust the tone automatically and intelligently to your hearing so voices and sounds are more natural besides you just hear the sound. you can also setting options manually to make sounds richer and deeper for your own needs

Feature 3
Remote Fitting

With Acosound direct-to-consumer hearing aids you can easily fit and tune yourself with the app for audiologist-quality results. And if you need help for more accurate fitting, our audiologists are there to improving your hearing. And it's for Free!

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    Years of expertise to produce hearing aids that help you hear what matters most.
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Stat List
Innovative hearing aids

AcoSound is specialized in R&D in digital signal Processor and algorithm for DSP of digital Hearing Aids with the idea of “AcoSound, An acoustic sound all over the world. It has spread globally 100 plus countries in 11 years.
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    Millions of users
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Brand Cooperation

AcoSound offer OEM Service, Design Service, Buyer Label brand. AcoSound retains the ownership of Hearing Aid Core Technology R&D Patent and Intellectual Property Right, which build a high technical barrier against our competitors

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