We're AcoSound, We make high-end digital hearing aids, We enable customers to live life at their volume by filtering the noise and enhance the voice.

We're committed to the customers through our first-class products and service, transfer our care and love to every customer, distributing our effort to the industry and believe people having hearing loss should never stop to achieve self-esteem forever!
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Smart Fitting by Users

  • AcoSound BTE

    AcoSound behind-the-ear

    120db super power, intelligent noise reduction
  • AcoSound ITC hearing aids

    AcoSound in-the-ear

    Invisible and smart noise suppression
  • AcoSound open fit hearing aids

    AcoSound open-fit

    Open earplugs, comfortable wearing
Why AcoSound is the best

Our leadership

Acosound redefines what a digital hearing aids should sound, look & feel like. AcoSound leadship is the key to make it happening.
    Alex Lee
    Alex Lee
    Co-founder and CTO
    Sabrina Yao
    Sabrina Yao
    Co-founder and CMO
    HongYou Tang
    Production Manager